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UMB LIVE: New Communications in Millennial Era

2020-05-22 11:46:14

Universitas Mercu Buana (UMB) Marketing Directorate, Meruya Campus, West Jakarta, during the pandemic of covid 19, regularly held Online Discussions through distance learning video conference (Zoom). One of them was discussion of the New Communications in Millennial Era, with moderator Ano Laka (UMB Broadcasting student) and guest speaker Mrs. Gadis Octory, M.Ikom (UMB Lecturer / CSR Practitioner). Followed by 100 students, the activity was active and interesting, 5th May, 2020.


Online discussion theme includes the Importance of understanding Communication through Digital, Communicating Digital Well, Communication Style between Digital Platforms and Building Self Identity.

Why is Digital Communication important in the Millennial Era? Because communication between millennials is very easy and practical, it does not mean that millennials always communicate through face to face, but on the contrary, many millennials use virtual communication (social media) due to the rapid development of technology. Technological development in millennial generation is faster and more informative than the previous generation.

The communication is used via text messaging or chatting in cyberspace, and also creates an account that contains their profile, such as Twitter, Facebook, Line, Instagram, KakaoTalk, WeChat, Path, and so forth. Social media accounts can also be a place to express themselves.

Millennials get benefit from the ease of communication, because in the previous generation communication was not as easy as it is now. However, the use of social media often does not use the ethics of communicating properly and correctly, and most users of social media in this millennial era use speech that is not properly spoken because all people can access or view the content from all aspects.

This activity gets a good feedback from the participants, because the participants get new information and also know that communication in the right style, especially for participants who want to be more active in social media. Keep spirit, keep healthy and  Stay at home! (UMB Marketing Directorate  / www.mercubuana.ac.id  /  www.admission.mercubuana.ac.id )

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