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2020-06-30 14:38:48

The student of Mechanical Engineering Department Universitas Mercu Buana, in mid-2020, located at UMB Meruya Campus, West Jakarta, successfully launched two Energy Saving Cars named Pro Seo Evo II and Turangga Wasisto by the Twelve Blue Geni Team of Mechanical Engineering. Pro Seo Evo II is an aerodynamic energy efficient car equipped with a tricycle that is designed using a gasoline engine system with Pertamax 92. (6/27/2020)

While Turangga Wasisto is a four wheeled Urban Hybrid aerodynamic car with a city car design that uses motorcycle engines, fueled with gasoline and electricity, with battery power for more economical use.

Global issues about the energy crisis in the next few decades, are the basis of their thinking in designing energy efficient cars. As students as well as the generation that will be most affected by the issue, of course this will be a challenge. The era of electric cars has indeed begun. However, trends in Indonesia will not be that fast, according to them it takes time and a transition process related to technology, government regulations and infrastructure.

Turangga Wasisto uses one liter of gasoline for its electric motor, so it can cover a distance of about 745 km, with speeds of up to 60 km / hour. While Pro Seo II is estimated to be up to 479 km at a speed of 40 km / hour. To make these two prototype cars, the Twelve Blue Geni Team was fully supported by self-help team members, supported by the Department of Mechanical Engineering UMB, as well as the sponsors of PT. Astra Honda Motor. (Marketing Directorate/www.mercubuana.ac.id/www.admission. mercubuana.ac.id)

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