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2021-02-15 11:08:14

Civil Engineering Students of Universitas Mercu Buana brought pride again through the ITB CIVIL ENGINEERING EXPO 2021 competition. The team won the Design & Tender Competition, with the theme Utilization of Precast Concrete for Resource Optimization and Environmental Impact Reduction in Construction, as the main sub-theme of Utilizing Artificial Construction for Achieving a Sustainable Future. The agenda also involves cubicost training by PT. Glodon Technical Indonesia.

ITB Civil Engineering Expo (ICEE) is an annual event held by the ITB Student Association with a theme about Civil Engineering issues. This 2021 Civil Engineering Expo (ICEE) expands the scope to achieve further collaboration with students from various backgrounds, 4-6/2/21. A series of online events, including an annual expo in collaboration with PT WIKA, PT Waskita Karya and PT PP. As well as seminars that carry four themes, including: Indonesia's Infrastructure Outlook, The Reality of Manufactured Construction, The Future of Manufactured Construction, Manufactured Construction's Product, and conference & competition (Paper Competition, Business Case Competition, Design & Tender Competition, Best delegates).

Based on the suitability of the theme, the UMB Civil Engineering Brahmastra team, consisting of Yovero Aji Dirgantara (41120110165), Shayfinsha Inge Queen Biancha (41120110124), Richi Maulana Zamani (41118120010) made an innovation, in the form of "precast floor plate". This concept uses a Hollow Core Slab (HCS) which is designed with engineering principles in mind to meet safety. This inspiration arose from the need for an inexpensive, fast and clean project.

"Considering that the plate manufacturers are from third parties, to reduce costs, we are able to provide innovations in plate design, as well as implementation methods in the field or project," said Shayfinsha Inge Queen Biancha. The team hopes that this innovation can be implemented directly in the field or project, and is able to become the latest solution for Civil Engineering graduates in Indonesia.

So for you, creative young friends, reach for the future with Universitas Mercu Buana Jakarta, hurry to visit and join us, which are located in three locations, namely UMB Meruya Campus West Jakarta, UMB Pejaten South Jakarta Campus and UMB Menteng Jakarta Campus. UMB's performance achievements in the academic year 2020/2021 include ranking 33 in the clusterization version of the Ministry of Education and Culture, ranking 3rd in the LLDIKTI Region III DKI Jakarta, ranking 5th Best National Private Universities, ranking 24 in the Webometric version and there are 10 foreign students from 7 countries in Asia. (www.mercubuana.ac.id/ www.admission.mercubuana.ac.id / @univmercubuana / @ univmercubuana.intlclass)

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