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2021-03-22 11:38:55

Industrial Engineering Students of Universitas Mercu Buana brought pride again through the Engineering Integrated Competition (INDENIC) 2021. "Industrial Engineering Integrated Competition" (INDENIC) 2021 is a national level product design competition for all students in Indonesia. INDENIC is organized by the Trisakti University Industrial Engineering Student Association. INDENIC 2021, this time comes with a different concept, with the theme "Surviving the Disruptive Era of Industry in a Sustainable Way". The event has been held through various stages, from December 2020 to March 2021, followed by abstract submission, proposal submission, assessment and presentation.

The UMB Industrial Engineering KLAR Team consists of Shasa (41618010044), Farah Dita Salsabila (41618010033), Natalia Esteriani Kambey (41618010017), Nia Wulandari (41618010009) and Musela Carentia (41618010011), under the guidance of Mrs. Puspita, MT (UMB permanent lecturer) won First Place with the innovations they created. The innovation is in the form of GOUCKA (Eco-friendly Shampoo Packaging) products. GOUCKA is a sustainability packaging made from melon. The agenda for their theme is the sustainability of the industry, which is devoted to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, as well as to support SGD's agenda, said Nia Wulandari, representing her friends.

Meanwhile, according to Shasa, as one of the team members explained that, "In the competition, we made a sustainable packaging, because the production of plastic waste is very much. According to literature, the largest number of global plastic waste according to the industrial sector is packaging waste. We make shampoo packs, because the average person uses 10 bottles of shampoo a year. These bottles contribute 300 million tons of waste every year, plus Indonesia is a tropical country which certainly consumes quite a lot of shampoo. "

The innovation using melons is made because melons have tough skin and fibrous flesh, making them suitable as containers for shampoo packaging. Melon also has a unique texture that adds an aesthetic element to the shampoo packaging product. In addition, this melon-based shampoo bottle makes a useful compost.

This competition aims to improve thinking skills in terms of optimization to solve global problems with the use of appropriate technology, open opportunities for the development of student potential in creating innovations that minimize waste by using appropriate technology and participating in efforts to advance Indonesia's industry.

So for you, creative friends, reach for the future, facilitate your potential, passion and "out of the box" idea, together with UMB Jakarta, hurry to visit and join us, which are located in three locations, namely UMB Meruya West Jakarta Campus, UMB Pejaten South Jakarta Campus and UMB Menteng Central Jakarta Campus. UMB's performance achievements in the academic year 2020/2021 include ranking 33 in the clasterization version of the Ministry of Education and Culture, ranking 3rd in the LLDIKTI Region III DKI Jakarta, ranking the 10 Best National Private Universities in the Webometric version and having 10 foreign students from 7 countries in Asia. (www.mercubuana.ac.id/ www.pendaftaran.mercubuana.ac.id / www.admission.mercubuana.ac.id / @univmercubuana / @ univmercubuana.intlclass)

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