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Procedures for Regular Online Exams

  1. Candidates can register on the form / link that is available ( http://pendaftaran.mercubuana.ac.id/register ).
  2. After registering Candidates will receive a reply email for the following procedure.

Procedure for Universitas Mercu Buana Online Examination

  1. Candidates MUST have a valid ID Card or Passport.
  2. Candidates have an Email and active cellphone number.
  3. Candidates are high school / vocational high school students who have graduated.
  4. Candidates to take the regular online test you don't need to use TOKEN
  5. Candidates MUST have TOKEN for the registration process for online scholarship test

 Term and Conditions

  1. Candidates must purchase a registration token at the place designated by Universitas Mercu Buana.
  2. The token is only valid for one exam, if the token expired,  required to purchase a new token
  3. Candidates can choose a maximum of 3 choices Departments that can be selected according to the grade at the time of graduation (for example, Science / Technical can choose all majors).
  4. The first choice of Candidates, will be considered a top priority.
  5. If the first choice does not meet the graduation standard, the Candidates will get a second choice, and if the second option does not meet the graduation standard, then the Candidates will get the third choice, and if the third choice does not meet the graduation standard, then the Candidates is not passed.
  6. Candidates MUST take the timed ONLINE test.
  7. Candidates will get test questions based on their majors when they graduate from school.
  8. Candidates MUST answer all available test questions, according to a predetermined time limit.
  9. Candidates who have taken the test can see the announcement of the test results on a predetermined schedule.
  10. Candidates who are declared graduated MUST NEED to re-register at the Universitas Mercu Buana, located in Meruya Campus West Jakarta Indonesia by bringing the complete requirements document along with making payment.
  11. The University has full authority in the examination selection process.
  12. The University has the right to discuss Candidates if they commit fraud.
  13. University decisions cannot be contested.

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