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2021-03-18 10:49:52

Students of UMB Visual Communication Design returned to work and excel through the national Kosrumnas. Kosrumnas is a National Student Arts Competition event organized by the Department of Fine Arts (FBS) UNES (Semarang State University). The competition, which was held in February 2021, has the big theme "Fighting Together Towards Riveting Spirit" through the meaning of nationality, education, art and culture. The spirit of nationality in the spirit of unity continues to be encouraged, by opening 5 fields of art that are contested, including illustration, painting, photography, comic strips and posters.

Rani Nurwiyani and Antonius Eka students of the UMB DKV study program managed to bring home the victory from around 51 participants who took part in the competition. Rani Nurwiyani, winner of the Gold Medal for Poster Competition with her poster entitled "As a Media for Introduction to National Culture". Meanwhile, Antonius Eka passed as Category 3 Winner of the Hope for Illustration Drawing Art Competition with his poster entitled "The Shining Factory".

"This poster is inspired by today's globalization, especially in the field of technology, whose influence is increasingly felt during a pandemic. The internet is a great opportunity to spread information about Indonesian culture to all corners of the world, without having to worry about distance. Because, cyberspace is like a double-edged sword, it is hoped that the Indonesian people, especially the young women, use this "weapon" for useful things, such as introducing the Indonesian nation's culture to the world. " Said Rani Nurwiyani, revealing the background of the poster she made.

In contrast to Antonius, through his work entitled "The Shining Factory", he wants to convey that people work with various backgrounds, whether they are from different ethnicities or occupations, if they struggle together they can certainly build a glorious Indonesia.

The agenda, which targets students from various universities in Indonesia, will become a vehicle for education in order to build bright generations in the future. Creativity and character of ideas based on the cultural richness of the Indonesian people are the pride that the younger generation must continue to grow. With this, it is hoped that Indonesian students will be more creative and love their homeland, with the spirit of spreading the diversity of Indonesian culture through creativity to the international nuances.

So for you, creative young friends, reach the future, facilitate your potential, passion and "out of the box" idea, together with UMB Jakarta, hurry to visit and join us, which are located in three locations, namely UMB Meruya West Jakarta Campus, UMB Pejaten South Jakarta Campus and UMB Menteng Central Jakarta Campus. UMB's performance achievements in the 2020/2021 academic year include ranking 33 in the clusterization version of the Ministry of Education and Culture, ranking 3rd in the LLDIKTI Region III DKI Jakarta version, ranking the 10 Best National Private Universities by the Webometric version and having 11 foreign students from 8 countries in Asia. (www.mercubuana.ac.id/ www.pendaftaran.mercubuana.ac.id / www.admission.mercubuana.ac.id / @univmercubuana / @ univmercubuana.intlclass)

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